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Egyptian mythology

The following images are available:

  1. Ammon
    The Egyptian ram-god. [Mask; 12kb]
  2. Ankh
    The ankh symbol. [Photograph; 9kb]
  3. Anubis
    The Egyptian protector of the dead. [Illustration; 11kb]
  4. Apis
    The holy bull of Memphis. [Photograph; 55kb]
  5. Bastet
    The moon goddess and goddess of cats. [Statuette; 54kb]
  6. Bes
    The dwarf god who guards against evil spirits. [Statuette; 33kb]
  7. Hermanubis
    A syncretic Greek/Egyptian deity. [Illustration; 12kb]
  8. Horus
    The Eye of Horus. [Illustration; 5kb]
  9. Horus
    Granite falcon symbolizing Horus. [Statue; 33kb]
  10. Isis
    The goddess Isis. [Mural; 78kb]
  11. Isis
    Isis suckling a young Horus. [Drawing; 23kb]
  12. Isis
    The Temple of Isis. [Photograph; 92kb]
  13. Isis
    The Egyptian mother goddess. [Statuette; 14kb]
  14. Maat
    Ma'at, the goddess of truth, cosmic order and justice. [Statuette; 29kb]
  15. Osiris
    The god of the underworld and of vegetation. [Mural; 43kb]
  16. Osiris
    The god of the underworld and of vegetation. [Illustration; 11kb]
  17. Sakhmet
    The goddess of war and divine vengeance. [Statuette; 51kb]

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