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Celtic mythology

The following images are available:

  1. Arianrhod
    The Celtic moon-mother goddes. [Statuette; 9kb]
  2. Brigid
    The Celtic goddess of fertility, the hearth, childbirth, abundance, healing, and poetic inspiration. [Pillar; 9kb]
  3. Cernunnos
    The Celtic god of fertility, wealth, and the underworld. [Statuette; 22kb]
  4. Epona
    The Gaulish goddess of horses. [Statuette; 23kb]
  5. Lugh
    The Celtic Lord of Every Skill. [Statuette; 7kb]
  6. Morrigan
    The Celtic goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. [Statuette; 19kb]
  7. Sheila-na-gig
    The goddess of fertility in British-Celtic mythology. [Bronze; 10kb]

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