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by Micha F. Lindemans
One day God revealed to his angels that He would create Adam. They foresaw that behind his forehead Adam would hide lies, something angels could never do. They told God: "Man will hatch hatred, jealousy and sin, he will light the brush-fire of war." God ordered three angels in succession to bring Him clay from the earth, but the earth refused, saying: "No part of mine will be used to form a disobedient sinner." Finally, the angel of death Azrael tore out the clay because obeying God's command to him had priority.

God then moulded a man after his own image, which means the shape he had in mind. He had already created Adam's soul in the shape of a spark, which He blew into Adam's nose. From there the spark entered his heart, which started to beat, causing blood to flow through his veins. When it reached his eyes, he opened them. When it reached his mouth, he opened it, praising his maker for the wonderful world he now could see. When the blood finally reached his feet he stood up and walked around.

When one morning he woke up, he saw a lovely creature, like him and yet not like him. He called her Haiwa, "Life". God taught them the names of all the plants, animals, stars, and angels. They were told not to eat the fruits from a certain tree. However, the serpent Iblis had entered the Garden and persuaded Haiwa to eat from the tree, telling her that only so would she be able to have children. When Adam learned what Haiwa had done, he knew she would be expelled from the Garden. He decided to keep her company so that he could protect her in the hard life on earth. He too ate from the fruit, and both of them fell down to earth. Adam landed on a mountain in Sarandib and Haiwa landed somewhere in Arabia.

From Sarandib Adam made his way on foot through the forests of India and through the deserts of Arabia to Mecca. He wept frequently when remembering his sinful disobedience, but the archangel Jibril appeared before him to point him in the right direction. When Adam arrived in Mecca, he built the first Ka'ba, instructed by Jibril who also taught him to pray there. Jibril also guided Haiwa towards Mecca, and when Haiwa arrived there, Jibril performed the first wedding ceremony so that they were properly married.

They had forty children, twenty sets of twins, each a boy and a girl. The two eldest sons, Kabil and Abil quarrelled over Kabil's twin sister whom Adam had given to Abil as his wife. God had commanded Adam: "No son of yours shall marry his own twin sister." The brothers had to marry the other's twin sister. Abil was willing to give his own twin sister to Kabil, but the Kabil was not prepared to return the favour. Then God demanded a sacrifice from both of them, which lead to quarrel between the brothers and Satan, standing near them, offered Kabil a big stone with which he smashed his brother's skull. Abil was the first human being to die.

After his death, Adam had to supervise the sinners' journey to hell.

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