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by Micha F. Lindemans
The beautiful and lascivious daughter of Gralon, King of Ker-Ys. She stole the keys of the sluice-gates from her father and presented them to her lover, who let in the waters of the sea. Her father fled the flood on horseback with Ahes on the crupper behind him, accompanied by St. Guénolé, the king's confessor. When the water tried to engulf them, the confessor bade the king to cast off the she-devil who had caused the mischief. At these words, Ahes fell with a shriek into the waves and disappeared. Her father reached dry land, but Ahes still haunts the seas in the form of a lovely maiden, luring sailors to their doom.

The legend of the submerged city of Ker-Ys circulated as early as the 16th century and had various localized forms.

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