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by Micha F. Lindemans
The Navajo name for unnatural or alien spirits, a grouping of giants and monster who were born to virgins who had engaged in unnatural practices. Many of the anaye were slain by the twins Nayanezgani and Thobadzistshini upon their return to earth, but even they were unable to overcome them all. They sought the help of their father Tshohanoai, the Sun-Bearer, who presented them with four magical hoops. Using these hoops, their mother Estanatlehi sent a terrible storm which destroyed all but four of the anaye, but the storm reshaped the very Earth as well.

The four remaining anaye were Cold, Hunger, Poverty, and Old Age. They were allowed to live after they had convinced Estanatlehi that, if they died, mankind would no longer prize the good things of life, or even life itself.

Among the anaye were also Theelgeth, a hairy, headless monster; the feathered Tshanahale; the limbless twins Binaye Ahani, who killed men with a mere glance; Yeitso, a fearsome giant; and Delgeth, a flesh-eating antilope.

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