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by Paul Zimmerman, Clarksville Middle School
The term 'ba' was from ancient Egyptian mythology. Ba was the Egyptian word for the soul of the deceased. It was depicted as a bird or a human-headed bird.

Egyptians believed that after death, there would be a final union between souls and their bodies. Since Ba was the soul, it visited its old body in the tomb. Ba was the soul, spirit, and mind of a mummy and could roam freely over the earth, providing its mummy with substances that were necessary for the afterlife.

There were some holy animals that were regarded as the ba of gods. One example of this is the Benu of the sun god Re. A Benu was a sacred bird from ancient Egypt. Theba was a man-headed hawk and was the ba of a god; the pharaoh is also regarded as the ba of a god, specifically Re

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