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by Micha F. Lindemans
The Irish-Celtic god of fertility and agriculture. He is the son of Elatha, a prince of the Fomorians, and the goddess Eriu. When king Nuada lost his hand in the first battle of Mag Tuireadh, he was deemed unfit to rule the Tuatha Dé Danann. Although the Fomorians were their enemies, as an act of reconciliation the Tuatha Dé decided to name Bres as their king. The goddess Brigid became his wife.

Bres, however, proved an unworthy ruler. Besides being tyrannical, he raised taxes to a near unbearable level and let the Tuatha Dé work as slaves. When Nuada had his hand replaced by a new, silver one, Bres was quickly disposed of. He fled to exile and rallied the Fomorians to battle. Again they were defeated and Bres was captured. His live was spared when he promised to instruct the Tuatha Dé in the art of agriculture and make of Ireland a fertile land.

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