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Chih Nu

by Micha F. Lindemans
She was the daughter of Yu-huang, a Jade Emperor of China (High God of China). One day she left the heavens to bathe. While she bathed a cowherd took her clothes, after being told to do so by his ox (who is also his guardian spirit). Chih Nu was unable to return to the heavens without them so she married the cowherd. They had two children, and seven years later she found her clothes and returned to the heavens. The cowherd asked what to do and his ox told him how to get to the heavens. Chih Nu confessed that she was the wife of the cowherd and he was made immortal. The cowherd and Chih Nu became gods of two separate stars and could only meet on the seventh month of the seventh year.

The name of Chih Nu in traditional Chinese format.
The name of Chih Nu in traditional Chinese format.

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