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by Micha F. Lindemans
  1. The son of Shtenelus, king of Liguria. After the death of Phaeton, his close friend, became so sad that the gods took pity on him and turned him into a swan (Ovid II, 367).
  2. The son of Poseidon, king of Colonae in Troas. Misled by his second wife he tried to kill his own son Tenes. The attempt failed and later both father and son supported the Trojans in their battle against the Greeks. He was killed by Achilles and he too was changed into a swan (Ovid XII, 64).
  3. A giant, the son of Ares. He was killed by Heracles.
  4. The son of Apollo. He was a handsome hunter but with a difficult character, so that everyone abandoned him. He was eventually killed by his only friend. Apollo changed him into a swan.

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