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by Cyril Korolev
In Slavic mythology (Russia, Ukraine) Dazsbog is the god of sun and bearer of goods, son of Svarog and Dennitsa (dawn). Dazsbog is the creative, impregnating power of nature, "whose rays give nature a possibility to produce..." (A. Afanasyev). According to the myth, Dazsbog dwells in the east, in the country of eternal summer, and each morning he travels through the sky in a golden chariot (similar to the Greek Helios).

In the old Russian tale Word of Igor's troops Russians are called grandsons of Dazsbog.

In the Russian pantheon, before prince Vladimir christianized Russia, Dazsbog occupied a lesser position in contrast with Pyerun and Khors; his idol on the hill in Kiev stands lower than those of Pyerun and Khors.

M. Eliade thinks that Dazsbog is one of three manifestations of Byelobog (together with Khors and Stribog).

Among southern Slavs Dazsbog is called Dabog.

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