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by Jan Pohunek
Fext is a man vulnerable only by a bullet made of glass (the word itself probably comes from the German kugelfest) or a small stake used to tie young trees. Fext does not disintegrate after death and sometimes his corpse also shows a little activity like moving a hand if someone disturbs it. If a child is born in an amniotic cavity and this part of the placenta is carefully removed, dried, stored and later carried by the child under his left shoulder, the child will probably become a fext.

Most stories about fexts are located to eastern Bohemia and western Moravia, today's Czech republic, during the 30-years war. Some of the Swedish officers of protestant army plundering the countryside of Habsburg empire were believed to be fexts because of failures of attempts to assassinate them.

Source: Stejskal Martin, Labyrintem tajemna aneb Pr&ugrav;vodce po magických místech Ceskoslovenska, Paseka: Prague 1991

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