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Friar Tuck

by Austine Moon, Clarksville Middle School
Friar Tuck is a priest from old English folklore, and as legend describes, he was slightly pudgy. Armed with a sword, bow, and merry temperament, Friar Tuck was one of Robin Hood's best known men. He helped Robin with his missions and/or schemes. But even before he and Robin met, he was known as one of the best swordsmen/archers in the land. When Robin first came across Tuck, he didn't know the identity of the fat friar.

They were near a river, so Robin threatened the friar with his bow, bidding the priest carry him across. But when they reached the other side, Friar Tuck quickly drew his sword, and forced Robin to carry him back. They started fighting with their swords, but Robin realized this was the friar he'd been seeking. So Robin asked the monk to join his company, and Friar Tuck agreed. Tuck was also the first of Robin's men to meet the king, Sir Richard of Lea, disguised as a black knight. He was also beaten by Richard in a duel of sport, and only when the shocked Robin saw Tuck fall did he realize who the black knight was.

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