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by Micha F. Lindemans
  1. A Greek fisherman from Anthedon (Boeotia). See: Glaucus.
  2. The king of Corinth, son of Sisyphus and Merope. He aroused Aphrodite's anger, and the goddess avenged herself by making his horses, with which he participated in the games of Pelias, mad so that they tore him apart. His shade, or so it was claimed, frightened the horses during the Isthmian Games.
  3. The son of Bellerophon and leader of the Lycian troops in the Greek army when they marched to Troy (Iliad II, 876; VI, 199).
  4. Son of Minos and Pasiphae. He died as a child, but was restored to life by means of a magical herb. See: Glaucus.

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