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by Blair Colquhoun
According to Ojibway mythology, Greenmantle was the daughter of an Ojibway chief. She was captured by the Sioux when they invaded the Thunder Bay, Ontario, area, over a hundred years ago. She was taken prisoner and forced by the Sioux to lead them to the Ojibway encampment. Pretending to betray her tribe, she leads them over Kekabeka Falls, instead, and escapes to warn her people.

In another version, she dies with the Sioux as they head over the falls, and her spirit can be seen above the falls as a rainbow, while the cries of the Sioux warriors can be heard in the roar of the falls.

This is the Legend of Greenmantle, which tells the story of Kekebeka Falls, near Thunder Bay, Ontario, and it is available at the Old Fort William Visitor's Center, if you decide to go there.

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