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by Pomona
He was also called Hadak Ura. Both names mean Lord of War. Originally, he was the god of fire, and then he became a war god. He was the third son of Arany Atyácska (Golden Father) and Hajnal Anyácska (Dawn Mother) the main god and goddess. He had many brothers and sisters, including his two brothers: Napkirály (King Sun) and Szélkirály (King Wind).

In Heaven, on the top of the World Tree on the first level there was the castle of Arany Atyácska, and Napkirály's Golden Forest below it, and Szélkirály's Silver Forest below it, and Hadúr's Copper Forest was the third. There he lived as a blacksmith of the gods. He is thougth to be a great man with long hair and with armour and weapons made of pure copper, since copper was his sacred metal. He supposedly made the legendary sword, the Sword of God, which belonged to Attila, the Hun.

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