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Hans Hagen

by Jan Pohunek
Hans Hagen is the ghost of a German soldier or SS-man from WW II. He appears in the "Amerika" quarry and surrounding caves and drifts in Bohemian karst near Prague, Czech republic. There are many versions of his origin. He was a "wehrwolf"-one of German fanatics, who continued to fight even after the war has ended, or a real living criminal hiding there, who found a corpse of a German soldier and wore its uniform, or a ghost of German soldier killed by accident. He sometimes kills people who come there and causes parts of caves to collapse, killing or imprisoning anyone who is currently inside.

"Amerika" and it's surrounding mines are a quite picturesque and romantic place, because there is not much mining today, so many young adventure-seeking people come there. Because it is also a dangerous place, there are often accidents resulting in death. There are some unsolved murders reported, like the death of a young girl or a burned loghouse with three people inside, so the stories about Hagen have soil to grow in. There is also a rut in one of the drifts, hung as a bell, and anyone who beats it and says "Hagen, take me!" dies within a year.

Hagen is quite an interesting example of a modern and still living myth.

For more information, try:, (electronic versions of the Czech speleologist journal, which includes mysterious stories about "Amerika" named "Povesti Amerik" in Czech, number 22 has Hagen on it's cover). And (pages about Bohemian karst, includes pictures of "Amerika").

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