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by Kayur Shah, Clarksville Middle School
The Heliadae are from the Greek culture. The Heliadae were the seven sons of Helios, the sun god and the nymph Rhodus, daughter of Poseidon. The Heliadaes all lived on the island Rhodes, named after Rhodus. The names of the seven sons were Ochimus, Cercaphus, Macareus ( or Macar), Actis, Tenages, Triopas, and Candalus. They were all expert astrologers and seafarers, but Macareus, Triopas, Actis, and Candalus grew jealous of Tenages' talented skill of seafaring and science, so all four of them killed Tenages. Quickly, Macareus and the others escaped to Lesbos, Cos, Egypt, and Caria respectively. Macareus was the only one who stayed in Lesbos. Triopas, Candalus, and Actis went through the journey. No one has ever heard from them since. People say they married nymphs. In addition, Triopas found the city of Cnidus and Triops is also another name for Triopas.

As for Macareus, he was then the king of Lesbos. He assumed power for all the neighboring islands. Lesbos (god), son of Lapithes came to the country and married Macar's daughter Methymna. This was the story of Macareus. Traditions say that he was a native of Olenus, also a son of Crinacus and a son of Aeolus. Macar, there married his sister Canace.

Ochimus and Cercaphus stayed in Rhodes and had a peaceful life. Ochimus, the eldest son, seized power and ruled over the island. He married the nymph Hegetoria and soon both of them had a daughter named Cydippe. After, Cydippe grew old and married her uncle Cercaphus, who was his brother's (Ochimus) heir. Cercaphus ruled after Ochimus on Rhodes. Cydippe had three sons: Lindos, Camirus, and Ialysus who due in course shared the island of Rhodes between them and founded three cities that bore their names. A son of Heracles named Tlepolemus was also a founder of the three cities with Lindos, Camirus, and Ialysus.

Another culture or tradition says that Ochimus engaged Cydippe to a man called Ocridion, but Cercaphus who was in love with his niece, kidnapped her and fled away. Cercaphus came back later when Ochimus was an old man.

The Heliadae are kind of related to the Heliades, daughters of Helios. They were Helia, Merope, Phoebe, Aetheria, and Dioxippe.

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