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Jesus Christ

by Micha F. Lindemans
In Christian belief, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, one third of the Blessed Trinity which comprises himself, his Father, and the Holy Spirit. Sent to Earth to atone for the sins of mankind, Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem, around 5 BCE, to mortal parents by virginal birth. His mother on Earth was Mary, his father Joseph. In Catholic doctrine, Mary -- whose own conception is referred to as the Imaculate Conception; being born without any stain of 'original sin' -- was elevated to the status of Queen of Heaven after Jesus' death, while Joseph was made a saint. Jesus preached for three years on the Earth, explaining to the large and ever-expanding following he attracted the mysteries of his kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, and how people could attain that wonderful place. He gathered to him twelve acolytes, or Apostles, whom he later sent out into the world on their own, to cast out demons and bring the true word of God to the masses.

Jesus himself performed many miracles while on the Earth, among them the changing of water into wine at a wedding feast in Canaan, the healing of the blind, the crippled and the lame, the curing of lepers, and even the resurrection from the dead of his friend, Lazarus.

But all of this attracted the attention of the occupying Roman forces, who finally decided that they had to step in when the crowds proclaimed Jesus as their king. Betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one of his Apostles, Jesus was taken before the high priests of the Jews, tried before Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor, and sentenced to be crucified on the cross.

Also according to Christian belief, the Savior rose from the dead after three days, and was seen to walk the Earth for some time, visiting again his Apostles, before being finally accepted back into Heaven, into which he ascended in glorious triumph, the sins of man expiated, his job on Earth accomplished. He is said to sit there since, at the right hand of his Father. The cross on which he died is still revered by Christians as a symbol of great power and reverence.

His Galilean ministry was recorded by Matthew, Mark, and Luke, while his Judean ministry was recorded by John. The four gospels embrace Christ's biography.

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