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by Kyle Kralowetz, Clarksville Middle School
Jocasta was a famed queen of Thebes. Jocasta had a long line of close relatives. She was the wife of Lauis, mother and later wife of Oedipus, mother of Antigone, Eteocles, Polynices, and Ismene, and daughter of Menocenes. Unfortunately, Jocasta was carrying Lauis' baby who was destined to kill his father. Hearing this Lauis sent Oedipus up to the mountains. Oedipus somehow managed to survive and came back to where he was born. Eventually, he accidentally killed his father and married his mother (Jocasta). When Jocasta realized this, she hung herself; thus becoming one more victim of the curse that rested upon the family of the Labdacids.

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