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by Micha F. Lindemans
Sapling, the younger twin brother of Othagwenda (Flint), culture heroes of the Seneca. They were born to a young woman magically impregnated by the West Wind. Flint was cast out by his grandmother who hated him, but Juskaha went looking for him and found him in a hollow tree, and took him back home where they grew up together. Later in life they separated, to increase the size of their earth-island. They met again to inspect the other's work. Othagwenda had made a giant mosquito which Juskaha rubbed down to a small size; he also modified various troublesome creatures his brother had made so that they could not harm mankind. Othagwenda, on the other hand, destroyed many of the good things Juskaha had made. The inspection resulted in the twins' quarreling and the death of Othagwenda.

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