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by Ryan Tuccinardi
Ka-Ha-Si was an Inuit boy that was reviled from his tribe because he was lazy and slept a lot. One night, in his dreams, a loon talked to him and told him that only he can save the tribe. The next day, his mother awakened him and told him that there was no food because the hunters were having no luck. Though the men laughed at him, Ka-Ha-Si went out hunting anyway and tricked a bunch of walruses into killing themselves. He was a celebrity for a little while but soon he was shunned again for being so lazy, sleeping all day and not doing any work. He had another dream, in which the loon told him that it was his grandfather's will that he save the tribe in spite of their cruelty towards him. The next day, a giant came and offered to wrestle anybody that thinks he could beat the giant. Everybody lost, except for Ka-Ha-Si, who picked the giant up and threw him into the water. He was a hero again, and that night, in his dream, the loon came again and told him that his grandfather was proud of Ka-Ha-Si. Ka-Ha-Si grew up to be a powerful and respected shaman.

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