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by Micha F. Lindemans
The Japanese Blossom Princess ("child-flower"), the symbol of delicate earthly life. She makes the flowers blossom. She is the daughter of the mountain god Oho-Yama, and is the wife of Ninigi. She met him on the seashore and they fell in love. Ninigi asked Oho-Yama for his daughter's hand, but the mountain god proposed that he should marry his elder daughter Iha-Naga ("princess live-long") instead. Ninigi choose Ko-no-Hana and the lived happily together and had three sons, including Hoderi and Hoori.

Their marriage, however, was not a happy one. Because of her husbands unreasonable jealousy Ko-no-Hana retired to a hut in the woods. The hut she later set on fire and she perished in the flames.

The name of Ko-no-Hana in Japanese.
The name of Ko-no-Hana in Japanese.

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