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by Karl Petre, Clarksville Middle School
In Greek mythology, King Laius was the third in descent from Cadmus. He was married to his distant cousin, Jocasta. Apollo's oracle played a leading role in his reign. When Apollo warned Laius that his son would kill him, Laius was determined that this was not to be. When his son, Oedipus, was born, King Laius tied his feet together and left him to die on a mountain. Having done this, King Laius' fear was gone. Many years later while on vacation, King Laius was killed by Oedipus, who had survived. This was a result of him becoming engaged in a fight with Oedipus, not knowing who he was. Therefore, Apollo's truth was fulfilled. All that was reported was the King and his attendants had been killed by a band of robbers.

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