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by Micha F. Lindemans
The Dahomey god of the sun, sky and of power. He is the twin brother of Mawu, the son of Nana Buluku and the father of Dan.

He is often conceived as the androgynous creator deity Mawu-Lisa who set the universe in order before he/she made vegetation, animals, and men. The Fon people celebrate this in a four-day week. The first day of this week is believed to be when Mawu-Lisa established the universal order and when he/she created man from water and clay. The second day was used to make the earth hospitable for mankind. On the third day, humans received sight, speech, and understanding of the world they lived in. Finally, on the last day Mawu-Lisa presented man with technology.

Beneath Lisa and Mawu preside their offspring, the gods associated with the weather, the earth, the forest, and metal. The latter, the Fon consider, was formed from divine excrement. In Dahomey (after 1975 called Benin), still exist numerous shrines dedicated to local gods.

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