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by Micha F. Lindemans
  1. The son of Poseidon and Celaeno.
  2. The son of Hyrieus. He was welcomed as a guest in Thebes where he became the guardian of Labdacus and later Laius. His brother Nycteus had on his deathbed ordered vengeance on Epopeus, who had married Nycteus' beautiful daughter Antiope. Lycus honored his brother's wish and gave Antiope to his wife Dirce.
  3. The son of Pandion, the legendary ancestor of Lycia in Asia Minor, which was named after him.
  4. The son of Dascylus, king of Mysia. He offered hospitality to the Argonauts and to Heracles. In exchange, Heracles conquered for him the land of the Bebryces, which from then on was called Heraclea.

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