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by Karen Davis
Mabon son of Modron ("young man" son of "mother goddess") was a hunter-god. He was stolen from his mother at three days, and lived in Annwn, whence he was rescued by Culhwch (and Arthur) as an adult. He was ever-young as a result of this sojourn. He assisted Culhwch in the quest for Olwen.

Culhwch's stepmother wished him to marry her own daughter. When he demurred, she cursed him to marry no one but Olwen, daughter of Ysbaddaden. He has the power to make a land flourish or waste away. He enlisted the aid of Arthur to search for Olwen. When they found her, she said her father would not permit her to marry for that would cause his own death. Nonetheless, Culhwych overcame many trials and eventually married her.

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