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by Darren Schlissel, Clarksville Middle School
Makenaima is a god that few people have ever heard of before. Makenaima was the creator god of the Orinoco Indians who lived in South America. According to the Orinoco Indians, Makenaima created the earth which at first was a paradise. Makenaima's son Sigu ruled over this wonderful world. In this world all the animals could speak and humans lived a happy carefree life. Makenaima did not know that all this would soon change.

Makenaima had a very special tree that he created from all cultivated plants. When this tree had grown strong, he cut it down and harvested its seeds, intending to spread them all over the world. When he cut down the tree, vast seemingly never-ending amounts of water flowed from the stump. So large an amount of water came out from the stump that it flooded the entire earth. Makenaima and half of the animals on earth managed to climb up a really tall tree to safety. Every so often Makenaima dropped a nut from the tree and listened for a splash to see if it hit the water. When he no longer heard a splash, he knew all the water was gone and it was safe to come down. When he came down, the animals could no longer speak and humans had to labor to gain their food.

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