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by Gerald Musinsky
Manabozho is a predominant trickster figure integral throughout most Algonquin (linguistic stock) tribes ranging through the North and Northeastern Woodlands. The Great Hare is a transformer figure, a creator and provider of food and representative of the various life force(s). He is sometimes refereed to as "the Great White One" (owing to an alternate etymology), but this might be in error. Many narratives include Chibiabos, Manabozho's younger brother, also considered a twin, and Nokomos, grandmother Earth. Manabozho and Chibiabos are known as Glooskap and Marten [Micmac], Messou and Lynx [Montaganis], and Manabush and Wolf [Menominee]. Manabozho, Chibiabos and Nokomos are likely progenitors of the Huron Atahensic, Iouskaesha and Tawiscara.

[North and Northeastern Woodlands, Algonquian stock tribes]

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