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by Gerald Musinsky
Within Leni Lenape spirit tradition essentially all objects were generally believed to possess a "life spirit" or regarded to "be alive", that is animated by a life spirit. These spirits (collectively) are known as manetuwak. The manetuwak were created by Kishelemukong, the Creator. Guidance was sought through the manetuwak by both Lenape men and women by various ritualized prayers, visions, and dreams. Manetuwak includes all the various game spirits, mesingw, and doll beings, Ohtas. Meteinuwak, a kind of shaman directed these rituals and dances and were the spiritual advisors and closely connected with these spirits, thought to be involved with every day life.

[Leni Lenape, also known as Delewares and Munsee, Northeastern Woodland/Mid-Atlantic]

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    mah nay'too wahk

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