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by Dr Anthony E. Smart
Hindu myth's version of Noah, Manu (Manu Vaivasvate) was washing his hands in the river one day when the waters brought to him a tiny fish, which begged him to save it, saying that it would return the favour. Manu naturally asked the fish how it thought it could save him, and it replied that there was a great flood on the way, which would wash away all living things. So Manu put the fish in a pot, but it soon outgrew this, and he had to move it successively to a tank, a lake, and finally the sea itself. Once there, the fish advised Manu to build a boat, for the flood was coming. Manu complied, and when the ship was built and the waters rose, the fish returned and towed the vessel by a cable fastened to its horne, thus saving Manu. (The fish was Vishnu in his first incarnation as Matsya.)

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