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by Micha F. Lindemans
The supreme and foremost goddess of the Basque pantheon. She is the goddess of thunder and wind, the personification of the Earth. The thunder spirit Maju is her consort, and the benign spirit Atarrabi and the evil spirit Mikelats are her sons. She protects the travelers and the herds, and gives good council to humans. She rides through the sky on a chariot pulled by four horses, or on a ram. Sometimes she assumes the shape of a white cloud or a rainbow. Mari ("queen") is represented as a woman with a full moon behind her head, or in an animal shape. Her symbol is a sickle.

According to Walker, after the País Vasco was christianized, Mari was merged with Santa Marina, a woman saint that is invoked for protection against curse and tempests.

See: Seres fabulosos de la mitología universal, by Joseph M. Walker.

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