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by Sarah Ingle, Clarksville Middle School
Megaera, the grudging or unwilling, is one of the three Erinyes or Furies. They were created by drops of Uranus' blood. The Erinyes are the three goddesses of revenge, they punished those who escaped or defied public justice. The other two sisters are Alecto, the unceasing, and Tisiphone, the avenging. The three are women with fiery eyes, dogs' heads, and their head are wreathed with serpents. Their whole appearance is terrific and appalling. The sisters are sometimes called the daughters of night and are brought about by murder, perjury, ingratitude, disrespect, harshness, and the laws of hospitality. Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone are impartial and impersonal and they pursue wrongdoers until they sinners are driven mad and die.

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