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Merong Maha Wangsa

by Micha F. Lindemans
According to ancient Malay documents, Merong Maha Wangsa was the companion of a Roman prince who was betrothed to a Chinese Princess. The Roman party sailed up to the Indian Ocean without any problems. When they reached the Malay archipelago however, they were attacked by Garuda, the phoenix. Garuda destroyed the ships and went to China to kidnapped the Princess. He hid her on Langkawi Island (present-day Malaysia). The prince meanwhile, washed up on the shores of Langkawi Island where he met the Princess and married her. Merong Maha Wangsa on the other hand searched for the prince until he discovered the state of Kedah. He ruled there as king. To this day, his descendants still rule the state. Today, in Langkawi one can still find ancient pottery in Gua Cerita which is where the prince and princess lived.

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