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Moddey Dhoo

by Micha F. Lindemans
A ghostly black spaniel that hunted Peel Castle (Isle of Man) for many years. It used to enter the guard room as soon as the candles were lighted and leave at daybreak. While it was present, the guards would perform their nightly duties but forebore all oaths and profane talk. One night, a drunken guard, from bravado, performed the rounds alone. He lost his speech and died in three days. The dog has never appear again.

In 1871, during excavations, the bones of Simon, Bishop of Sodor and Man (died 1247) were uncovered, with the bones of a dog at his feet.

Article details:

  • Also known as:
    Mauthe Dog
  • Pronunciation:
    maw-dhu doo

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