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by Mel Heron
Monkey was a yellowed furred animal, with big ears and the power to change into more than 10,000 disguises. He had one problem of being a rambunctious and curious animal. He was hatched from the stone egg atop The Mountain. He formed a band of his own kind. After disturbing all the gods and the humans and all the new creations, the gods came up with the idea to put him in charge of the Holy Peach Trees. After a seven-day of guarding the Peach Trees, Monkey became curious on the Peaches tasted reaching for a peach he devoured it within seconds. And when Buddha came strolling through the garden and seeing the peach being eaten by Monkey he became furious. He then put Monkey to a test. He said that if he could find the edge of the world he would be able to eat all the peaches in the universe. So Monkey walked and walked and he finally came to four giant poles sticking out of the ground. Monkey thought it was the end of the world and marked his place and then written his name in the last smallest pole. He met Buddha again. He said that he had made it to the edge of the world. But wise Buddha laughed and said, "No you didn't even make it off my hand" and he showed Monkey the spot where he had marked the pole and signed his name. From then on Monkey behaved more like a god, but he is still a curious little Monkey.

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