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by Pomona
He is the ancient Hungarian god of the Sun. His name means King Sun, and he is the oldest son of Arany Atyácska (Golden Father) and Hajnal Anyácska (Dawn Mother), the main god and goddess. He has several sisters and brothers in Heaven, on the top of the World Tree. He is the Sun, riding his silver-haired horse fron East to West every day, seeing everything.

Before the Earth was created, only water was around the Tree. Then Arany Atyácska decided to put a small boat onto the waves, and put his two favourite children into it. One of them was Levegõ Tündérke (Air Fairy, little goddess) and the other was Napkirály. They lived together in the boat, and Levegõ Tündérke bore a son to Napkirály, called Hüvelykpiciny (Little, Small). He created the Earth.

Another story tells us about Napkirály searching for a wife. He finds Tündér Ilona (Fairy Helen) on the seashore, and falls in love with her at first sight. But Tündér Ilona does not love him, and jumps into the river during the wedding ceremony - then she becomes the Moon, always running from the Sun, only can be seen when the Sun is on the other side of the Earth.

His wife was a mortal woman called Délibáb (her name means "mirage") and he had to fight with his own brother, Szélkirály (King Wind) for her. Their children are the Hungarians.

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