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by Jan Pohunek
Nippel is guardian spirit of the Czech part of Ceský les/Bayerische Wald forest range. According to the stories of local German villagers, Nippel guards the forest and kills poachers in the same way as they have killed an animal, but also helps poor but good people, either by giving them some treasures or warning them if a dangerous situation will occur.

He lives on Niklasberg, a hill between Bela nad Radbuzou and Tremesna and usually looks like a noble count (when helping)or a little cruel dwarf (when punishing).

There is a simillar spirit on the Bavarian part of the hills, who is named Tyllenberger, but in other characteristics is equal to Nippel. Nippel and Tyllenberger were not believed to be the same; there is a story about the time when they first met and celebrated it.

Spackova Marie, O zlem Wolfu Dobrohostovi a jine povesti z kraje od stareho Hersteina po Primdu, Chodske nakladatelstvi: Domazlice 1994

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