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by Micha F. Lindemans
  1. The king of Megara and founder of Megara's harbor Nisaea. When one day Minos besieged Megara, Nisus' daughter Scylla fell in love with their enemy. She cut off the golden hair on her father's head, knowing fully well that his life and the prosperity of the state was connected to his wondrous hair. Megara fell through her treachery and Nisus died, but was turned into a sparrowhawk. Scylla herself was also turned into a bird of prey. (Ovid VIII, 35).
  2. The son of Hyrtacus, companion of Aeneas. He and his friend Euryalus (2) died during a nightly raid on the camp of the Rutulians, the enemies of Aeneas in Latium.

Virgil V, 294; IX, 199, 234.

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