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by Micha F. Lindemans
In Tahitian mythology, the god of war and peace. In peacetime his name was Oro-i-Te-Tea-Moe ("Oro with the Spear Down), but in wartime he was known as a killer of men. During those times he took pleasure in human sacrifices and he was present in battles. He is the son of the Creator Tangaroa and the earth-goddess Hina-Tu-a-Uta (Hine). He has one son, Hoa-Tapu ("Faithful Friend"), and three daughters, Toi-Mata ("Axe-Eye"), Ai-Tupuai ("Head-Eater"), and Mahu-Fatu-Rau ("Escape from a Hundred Stones").

Oro is also the name of the ancestor of the Rarotongan people of the Cook Islands.

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