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by Tim Brackney, Clarksville Middle School
Otus was a son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He was also the brother of Ephialtis. They both were giant Aloadae. The two brothers decided to lay siege on Mt. Olympus by dethroning Zeus and raping Artemis. During their siege on Mt. Olympus, they captured Ares and put him in a jar for thirteen months. Finally, Artemis offered to lay with Otus if he set Ares free. This made Ephialtis very jealous and the two got into a fight. During the brawl, Artemis changed herself into a doe and sprung between them. Both, not wishing for Artemis to flee, drew their spears and at the same time threw them at the doe. Artemis then disappeared and the spears hit Otus and Ephialtis killing them instantly.

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