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by Micha F. Lindemans
A Japanese hero. Well-known are his various encounters with gigantic spiders.

One day when he was ill, a small boy brought him his medicine every night. This medicine did not cure him but made him sicker, for it was poison. His suspicion aroused, Reiko struck the boy when he came in one night. Quickly the bow threw something at him, which grew into a sticky net, and disappeared through the door. Reiko, enveloped entirely was helpless. Tsuna, Reiko's chief retainer, managed to stop the boy at sword's point, but he threw a web over the retainer too, and fled again. The boy was later found in a cave and killed. It turned out that he was a spider-spirit, a little demon with a magic weapon.

In another adventure, Reiko saw a skull flying before him, then disappearing into a ruined building. Inside the building Reiko found an old hag, entirely white with sagging breasts. A moment later he saw an old nun with a large face. Finally he saw a beautiful woman. As he stared at her, she threw a sticky net over him. He struck her with her sword but its point broke off. Shortly after Tsuna arrived and liberated Reiko from the huge web. The woman had by then vanished. They thoroughly searched the building and found a gigantic spider, with the tip of Raiko's sword sticking out of its belly. When they pulled it out, the monster died. They cut the body open and inside they found numerous skulls, those of the spider's victims. They also found many 'baby' spiders, as large as children, creeping out. They quickly dispatched those, thus liberating the country of the age-old plague of mountain spiders, a race of evil demons.

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