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by Olga Gomez
"The Big Oak". This is an evil plant from Cantabria (northern Spain) that long ago was a mere old oak, just bigger and broader than its fellows were. One day, a maid seeking refuge from a storm entered its hollow trunk. She was soaked and cold, and pressed herself against the tree for warmth. Sensing her body, the oak embraced her so tightly, that it squeezed her to death. He then absorbed her blood. Not so long afterwards, the tree started growing more and more, until one day, it discovered it could move. Since then, the Roblón has been wandering on the Earth's surface, doing great evil to the woods. Its strides shake the trees until the weakest fall, and it destroys all that lies in its path. He also absorbs all the water it can find, thus emptying the wells and drying up springs and rivers.

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