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by Micha F. Lindemans
Th sea-king's palace, literally "Dragon's Court". Situated on the bottom of the sea, near the Ruy Ku Islands, it belongs to the Ryujin, one of the Japanese dragon gods. The many-storied palace is built from red and white coral and is guarded by dragons. Human fish serve Ruyjin as courtiers. On the north side of the palace there is the Winter Hall, where snow falls all the time. On the eastern side lies the Hall of Spring where butterflies visit cherry blossom while the nightingale sings. On the southern side of the palace is the Summer Hall where crickets chirp in the warm evening. Finally, on the western side is the Autumn Hall where the maple trees glow in bright colors. A day in this palace is like 100 years on earth.

Once there was a young fisherman from Tango, called Urashima, who caught a tortoise in his nets but he set it free again. It turned out that this tortoise was one of the sea-king's daughters in disguise. The girl invited the young man to her father's court where she appeared to him in the shape of a beautiful girl, and married him. After three days Urashima expressed the wish see his parents, but when he came back to earth he discovered that 300 years had passed. He himself than died. Urashima is still venerated.

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