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by Emily Jacques
A sprite is a kind of fairy or elf. Sprite comes from the Latin word spiritus or spirit and once meant "soul" or "ghost." Sprites are used in many folktales. Sprites are creatures of the element water. They are found only in places where it is serene and cool. They like to play with nymphs or torment butterflies. (The butterflies don't really mind.) Sprites have one very important job, which is going around and changing the colors of a tree's leaves in Autumn. They have many cans of bright paint in every shade between red and yellow. This makes sure they don't run out. Sprites are very creative. They are muses, artists, and poets. They are some of the most creative fairies. Some even decide to bond or marry a human or elf and stay with them their whole lives.

The word is possibly a variation of "spirit".

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