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by Daniel Ahn, Clarksville Middle School
Steropes was one of the three Cyclopes, a race of Titans who had one eye in the middle of their forehead in Greek mythology. Due to their father's (Uranus) fear of losing his rule over his sons, the Cyclopes, as well as the other Titans and the Hecatonchires, (monsters with fifty heads and one-hundred arms each) were trapped inside Gaia, their mother.

Later, after Cronus, who was Uranus' son, disposed of his father Uranus by using a sickle to slice him up, Cronus seized the throne for himself. Cronus ate all his children in order to protect his position as the ruler of everything. But he could not escape his fate and Zeus, one of his sons, was able to grow up; being secretly raised by Amaltheia Zeus released Steropes (as well as the others, like Brontes and Arges) when Zeus battled against the Titans. Steropes had the power of lightening and helped build Mount Olympus.

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