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by Ryan Tuccinardi
A nukatem, Sungrey founded Agua Caliente (Hot Water) on the desert. He made it magical, to cure diseases amongst people. When he did found the spring, there were already several inhabitants; a giant blue frog, a red racer snake, a bear, a mountain lion and a fair-skinned child. The shamans were jealous that Sungrey had such powerful and inclusive magic, whereas theirs was pitiful and specific in comparison. When a medicine man belonging to the Fox Tribe got sick and could not cure himself, he prayed for three days for how to get well. His guardian spirit told him to go to the spring and see the spirits that were living in it.

When the medicine man got there, he first saw the frog. He told the frog what was wrong and lay down. The frog told him where to go next. Then, the medicine man saw the snake. The snake coiled around his body and sent him on to the bear. The bear licked the medicine man's whole body with his gigantic tongue and then the mountain lion did the same. But next came the child with fair skin, and he was the true power at the spring.

When the shaman found the child with fair skin, he had taken the appearance of an old man, smoking a pipe. The shaman told the old man his problems but was ignored. He then reached for the pipe and the old man gave it to him, willingly. The shaman puffed three times and was cured.

When the shaman began his journey home, he noticed a stream he hadn't seen when he arrived. The water from the stream collected in a small pool that was fairly shallow, but continued to fill up as the shaman watched. The shaman walked into pool and was lifted with the water as it rose. He returned home with deific powers in magnitude as a result of the water, and could cure almost any illness.

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