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by Pomona
He is the Hungarian god of the Wind and the Rain. His name means King Wind. He is the second son of Arany Atyácska and Hajnal Anyácska, brother of Hadak Ura nad Napkirály. He is thought to be a great young man in blue and green clothes, a falcon feather on his hat, his hair is long and dark brown, and his armour and weapons are made of silver.

Silver was his sacred metal, and his wood, the second level below the Top of the World Tree was called Silver Forest, and in there was the Field of Heroes and Ancestors, the part of the Otherworld, where the great heroes went to after their death. He had many horses as well, symbolizing speed and thunder, so in some way he was the god of horses too. His only love was Délibáb, a mortal girl, and he had to fight with his own brother, Napkirály, for her. Some say that the duel was a kind of game: nine questions to each, to find out who is the best... but Délibáb loved Napkirály, and not him. Maybe because her name means mirage, and it can only exist when the Sun is in the sky, shining and not covered with clouds (which belonged to Szélkirály).

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