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by Kacie Glenn, Clarksville Middle School
Taiowa is the creator god in the myths of the Hopi Indians of Arizona. He created Sotuknang and told him to make the universe. So Sotuknang make Topela, the first world, with land, water, and air. Inside it he made Koyangwuti (spider woman), who helped him by creating Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya, twins. They made the earth with rivers, seas, and mountains, and kept things in order. Kokyangwuti made all living things, men last of all. But the men became disobedient, so Sotuknang was forced to destroy the world. The good men were saved underground.

Twice more, imperfect worlds were created, and both were destroyed. Each time the good people were spared. Finally a fourth world, called Tuwaqachi, was made and the good people settled in Arizona.

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