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by Sarah Pernick, Clarksville Middle School
Thalassa, also known as Thalatta, Thalath, or Tethys is the Greek personification of the sea. Aether and Hemera were her parents. She's called the mother of Aphrodite by Zeus. She was the wife of Pontus and the mother of nine Telchines, who are known as fish children because they have flippers for hands; yet, they have the head of a dog. In some Greek stories, she is known as the mother of all. "Thalassa even goes by fish mother" This name is not only because she bore Telchines, it's also because she is creator of all sea life. Thalassa's name means 'sea'. A mercantile sea kingdom is also associated with her name: Thalassocracy. In Greece, she is specifically the personification of the Mediterranean Sea. Thalassa did not have god-like qualities. She was more of a metaphor than a person. She was also a vast, lonely sea on non-populated shores. So, she was never a goddess.

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