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by Almut Wille
Tlachtga ("Earth-Spear"), is the daughter of the blind druid/sun god Mog Ruith and Dron, and sorceress or patronness of druidic skills. She belongs to the race of the Firbolg. She learns all her magic from her father and creates several obviously magic items a rolling wheel for a man named Trian, the stone of Forcathu, and the famous Cnamhcaill ("Bone damage"), from a part of her fathers wheel. The stone is said to kill all who touch it, blind those that look upon it and deafen those that hear it. Some think it a thunderbolt emerges from the stone, so it would be a magic weapon which could be used against Mog Ruith's and Tlachtga's enemies.

Medieval legend has it that she was raped by the three sons of Simon Magus and bore them triplets named Doirb, Cumma and Muach. She died in giving birth to them, and the hill where she died is named Tlachta hill. Later on, Tlachtga hill was the meeting point for all druids of Ireland, where the Samhain fire was kindled.

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